Getting Started

Launching Scanz

How to install and load up the Scanz platform from a Windows or Mac computer.

6 Articles

Scanz Overview

A quick-start video that clearly explains how scan works and all core functionality.

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Customizing Scanz

How to customize your settings including fonts, sizes, adding data columns and more.

4 Articles

Platform Features


How to build breakout scans that deliver trade alerts on auto-pilot.

1 Article


How to create and customize stock charts and indicators.

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Easy Scanner

How to use the Easy Scanner to find the hottest trades in seconds.

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Level 2

How to analyze supply/demand and track order data.

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How to set alerts so you never miss out on a great trade.

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Pro Scanner

Building and managing data scans within the Scanz platform.

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News Scanner

How to build customized news scanners and use pre-built scans.

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How to build, manage, and load watchlists in the Scanz platform.

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Broker Integration

How to connect with your broker and trade within the Scanz Platform.

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Platform FAQs

Answers to the most common questions about the Scanz platform.

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Troubleshooting FAQ's

Answers to our most commonly occurring technical issues.

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Account & Billing

Account Management

Answers to our most commonly asked questions on account management.

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Subscription & Billing

Answers to our most commonly asked questions on billing and subscriptions.

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