Managing Columns

How to Use Columns

Columns provide you with realtime data on stocks that show up in the scan results. You can add:

  • Price Data
  • Volume Data
  • Fundamental Data
  • and More

Adding Columns

  1. Right click on the column headers
  2. Select Insert Column
  3. Click the column you wish to add

Removing Columns

  1. Right click on the column you'd like to remove
  2. Select Remove Column

Sorting Columns

Column sorting allows you to sort stocks by a variety of criteria, such as volume and price.

  1. Click on the column heading you'd like to sort (ex. "Volume")
  2. Click again to switch between ascending and descending order

Rearranging Columns

You can rearrange columns in whatever order you'd like. 

Click and drag the column header to move the column to another area.

Styling Columns

You can change the visual display of the columns by clicking on the Settings button on the Scanz

Change Font Size and Cell Size