What is the Pro Scanner?

The Pro Scanner is the ultimate tool for finding stocks to trade based on quantitative data.

Pro Scanner Tabs

The Pro Scanner is separated into three sections.

Create Scans allows you to build and save your own custom scans.

My Scans allows you to load and manage your saved scans.

Pre-Built Scans allows you to access the scans designed by our pro traders.

Pro Scanner Components

Every scan is built with a unique set of rules based on the following criteria:

  • Price Data
  • Liquidity (Volume)
  • Fundamentals
  • Technical Indicators

For example, you could use price data to build a rule for finding stocks under $5.

This would return a list of all stocks under $5

Of course, you'll want to filter these results further. 

You can combine as many rules as you need to find the stocks that are ideal for your personal trading strategy.